Summer Shiatsu Course

This course teaches you basic Shiatsu Bodywork techniques to practice on others within the group and at home. We will work with the EARTH Element. The earth element is the time of late summer and represents the organs of SPLEEN and STOMACH in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This element is the balancing force centering all the other elements in TCM. By strengthening the EARTH element we become more grounded and able to manifest our needs for nourishment, calm mind, and clear thinking.

Shiatsu allows us to be more in touch with ourselves within our body and breath. Shiatsu teaches us to accept situations, emotions and physical limitations which are constant or of changing nature.

Within this 6 week course, we will practice Shiatsu, learn about oriental medicine philosophies and theories and we will create a space of acceptance and sharing within the group. This space will allow us to work with the Earth element and Shiatsu to bring an internal process into being that we decide to work on within our group and growing space. By the end of the course you will have found your insight to be lit by a new nourishing flame that can sustain and create life – which ever way you wish!

How to participate:
This course is limited to 6-8 participants, please confirm your booking by the 18th May with your payment. Once payment is received, I will send you a registration form to complete as the start of the course and for you to send back to me:

Download file here: Summer Shiatsu Course – 2016