An Evening with Herbs

Come and enjoy an evening with Autumn, learning about medicinal herbs and their functions.

The series includes 4 sessions:

  • 10th July 2017 – Immune Herbs
  • 14th August 2017 – Sleep and Relaxation Herbs
  • 11th September 2017 – Cleansing Herbs
  • 9th October 2017 – Metabolic Herbs

Course: An Evening with Herbs - Autumn Falk (Naturopath & Herbalist) & Herbal Potential

Immune Herbs

  • learn about immune supporting herbs in herbal preparations, teas and culinary use
  • Autumn will share recipes for an immune tonic, easy to make from your kitchen

In the colder seasons, we often need some extra help to stay well, rest and replenish ourselves, so that we can power ahead again in the spring. Winter is a time when we may need extra support for our immune system, lungs and digestive tract to fight the weather, the damp and the cold. And nature provides us with many ways to do this naturally and with love to ourselves. Prevention is the best medicine – and if there is a best time to practice this, then it is in the winter season. There are so many remedies for healing to explore!

Sleep and Relaxation Herbs

  • learn about herbs that support relaxation, calm and sleep
  • understand the herbs you can use if you struggle to fall asleep or find it hard to stay asleep through the night

Today, so many of us suffer from sleep related issues; insomnia has never been so prevalent. Herbal Potential’s sleep well tea is the blend that sells the most though our health shops!…

Yet there are so many common medicinal herbs that have calming, sedative, relaxing and soothing effects! We can safely drink them in teas and infusions, add them to foods or take them as supplements and if you are just a bit of a gardener, you can even grow many them in your garden.

And of course the pharmaceutical world knows their fantastic properties and makes very potent medications from them: Valium from the Valerian plant, Opium from the Poppy (although a different variety is used in herbal medicine today) and many more.

Cleansing Herbs

Many medicinal herbs are mild and potent detoxifiers for our systems, helping the kidneys, the liver and the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from our bodies. Many people like to fast in Autumn and Spring, and could do this more easily with the support of herbal teas and preparations that support the body with these functions.

And for others fasting may not be the right and appropriate form of cleansing or detox. There are many herbs that we can take on a regular basis or at intervals to support the body, as a tea, in culinary use and others.

  • learn about herbs such as Burdock, Dandelion, Nettle and Chickweed
  • get recipes for medicinal and culinary uses of cleaning herbs

Metabolic Herbs

The metabolic system refers to the processes of transformation in the body, that convert foods to energy or building blocks (ie for protein, fat, carbohydrates) and the elimination of waste products. How these systems function will determine how the body builds muscle, puts on or takes off fat deposits, what it does with sugars and many more essential parts of our health.

The focus of the this workshop is to look at herbs related to metabolic function, which effect diabetes, weight, hormones and more.

  • learn about specific plants that help regulate metabolic function
  • find out about tea blends and tinctures to support various metabolic stages

Alongside learning from Autumn about herbs, asking questions and sharing your experiences, you will have the chance to touch, smell and taste herbs and products. The evening will be supported by Herbal Potential with teas to sip away on as you socialise, relax and have fun!

$5 per person

Registration essential… through facebook

Download Flyer here: An Evening with Herbs – 2017