Mirimiri is a form of Maori massage that works with intuition, inspired by nature and guided by wairua (spirit).
It works on the physical, embraces the spiritual and acknowledges the connection to the ancestors and family of the person being treated.
Karakia (prayer) guides the rhythmic stroking techniques and enables the body and spirit to be. Gentle breathing techniques will open the recipient to connect and release.


The power of nature can heal us,

walking barefoot in the sand along the beach,

waves coming in and going out

the sun or moon reflecting in the water

the lush bush welcoming us to listen to the birds

the river flowing calm or wildly

the wind in the tall trees making a sound

that reaches us sitting under them.


Connecting to the land and to the plants and trees is healing for us and for the land. People around us, people we meet and touch are natures gift to us, to bring together until it’s time to part again.

Autumn was taught mirimiri in Taranaki and in Porirua where she learned to do this beautiful massage form with another person – two people massaging another body simultaneously with flowing movements. A four-handed massage is a very special experience both for givers and receiver.

In her clinical practice Autumn offers Mirimiri two-handed for lack of another participant.


Mirimiri acknowledges our spiritual being. I take this with me into other bodywork treatments and I find that very empowering as well as safe.