Chris says:

Thank-you for suggesting that I use the product to remedy fluid retention in my lower legs. It has reduced the fluid approximately 90% which has completely rectified the serious discomfort and tiredness that I have experienced for approx. 6 years. I visited several doctors and a specialist regarding my problem but without success.
I am truly grateful for your ability to correctly diagnose the issue and provide a successful remedy.

Tracey says:

My body has always appreciated the release of stress and tension in my muscles after a good massage. Recently I decided to give shiatsu a try and to be honest I knew very little about it. Autumn worked very naturally and intuitively with me … it was amazing and unexpected. Since my shiatsu sessions with Autumn I have discovered that I’m naturally feeling more open to life. I feel that Autumn has helped me emotionally, physically and also spiritually with past emotions and experiences so that in the present moment I am feeling much more open, lighter and trusting of what life throws at me. I fully recommend a shiatsu session with Autumn.

Marion says:

I have been having monthly Shiatsu Massages from Autumn for nearly a year now. I see her because she relieves any stress or aches and pains I might be feeling and also provides a very relaxing environment. It is an hour for me away from a busy life. A chance to take stock, concentrate on my breathing and totally relax. Autumn works wonders and I always come away feeling totally at peace, stress free and relaxed but also energised at the same time.
I recommend Autumn to all my friends.

Amanda says this about shiatsu:

The best relaxing massage for when you are pregnant and feeling the pain of expanding hips. Myself and baby slept well and felt a calming effect after the massage, the pain in my hip had gone and for the first time in a few weeks I could move around without pain and sleep comfortably.