About Autumn


Autumn Falk is a Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and Shiatsu Practitioner.

Trained by leading herbalists and iridologists in Germany, at the “Institute of Phytotherapy” (IfP) in Berlin, she completed her 3 year training in 2007. After the statutory exams, she graduated as a naturopath in 2008.
Autumn’s studies as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist were focussed on Iridology, Phytotherapy (medical herbalism), Chinese medicine, basic homoeopathy and complementary therapies, including body work.
During this training Autumn came into contact with Shiatsu and found this form of body work to provide a welcome balance within the busy, mental activities of study. Autumn began her three year Shiatsu training alongside her Naturopathy studies.

Autumn was born and raised in Germany. Upon completion of high school, Autumn travelled in New Zealand and decided this was the country of her future home. At this time however, she returned to Germany, to study.
Having gained her qualifications in Germany as a Naturopath and then Shiatsu practitioner, Autumn moved to New Zealand in 2009 and is happy to be growing her clinic in the beautiful Bay of Plenty.

Autumns strengths include combining herbal remedies with body work. She is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which plays a major role in Shiatsu and influences her approach to natural health. With her compassion and playfulness, she naturally guides her clients to improve their health and wellbeing.

Plants and nature have always been a passions, leading to her current use of herbal medicine and inspiring her continual learning processes. Meditation has also played an important role in Autumns life and the principles of meditation as a sanctuary for wellness and self love have become a part of her nature in working with her clients.

As a naturopath, Autumn works with natural medicine, body work and iridology. Her focus is to combine shiatsu, herbal remedies and dietary advise to prevent illness and to support the body’s natural healing ability. Foremost for Autumn is the clients ability to restore optimal health and well-being.


Autumn is a member of the Shiatsu Association of Aotearoa (SPAA) and the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH)