Naturopathy is the knowledge and use of natural medicine and it’s procedures (methods), to determine health issues and treat them in accordance with the natural rhythms of the body and the integration of the whole person within their environment.
Naturopathy combines different modalities, so called alternative therapies. These include herbal medicine, homoeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as various forms of body work, alongside a sound knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body.
The approach to health and to the body in naturopathy is holistic. Holistic means that all aspects of our needs – physical, social, mental and spiritual – are taken into account. In this sense the spiritual aspect is not associated with any religious ideology, it is related more to the ‘core-self’ within each one of us.

The effects of natural medicine are often more subtle than those of conventional medicine. At the same time, natural remedies may be overall safer for you to take, as there are less side effects and when these occur, they are also more subtle. Sometimes ‘healing reactions’ can appear and can be part of the natural process. For example, during a detoxification (cleansing) process, the body eliminates toxins through the skin, causing a worsened skin reaction before the improvement takes place. These ‘healing reactions’ need to be supervised by your natural health practitioner and shouldn’t last for long periods of time.

With the use of natural medicine the responsibility for health is given back into your own hands. Natural medicine can also be a preventative and many people use it to maintain health. With the use of natural medicine your body is given the chance to heal and balance itself.
Today we need to be taught, and remember, how to heal our bodies, and maintain balance in order to prevent the reoccurrence of illnesses. Natural medicine can prevent illness from manifesting deeply and does not only treat the symptoms, but focusses cause.

The conventional medical way and the natural holistic way can work perfectly together and assist each other to reach the best results.


I am keen to promote the combination of the conventional and natural approaches to health, which was encouraged and emphasized throughout my naturopathy training. I believe that integrating the study of the human body with the study of human nature (emotions and spiritual processes) is essential to be able to work holistically with people.
Further aspects of naturopathy are nutrition and life-style. These are always included in the naturopathic consultation.